Excelon HBK-7000 Smart Semi-Manual Lens Blocker

HBK 7000 Excelon Smart Semi-Manual Blocker

The Excelon HBK-7000 Smart Semi-Manual Lens Blocker provides the versatility and efficiency that today’s optical retail practices require. Combine this compact lens blocker with an Excelon or new Exxpert series Edger and Tracer for a complete customized solution with superior performance and ease-of-use.

Available in black for use with new Exxpert series

Semi-Manual Blocker Features

  • Touch screen with intuitive graphic icons
  • Wide high-resolution LCD
  • Auto-balancing lens support and lens holder
  • Lens, frame or job storage by using SD card slot
  • LED lamp provides ample illumination


  • “Our experience with the Coburn people in the past gave us confidence the machines would be good and the service would be good. The term of service for the Excelon machines is great—three years. They have done just what we needed. We work with a range of lens materials, from plastic to 1.74 index without any issues.”
    Greg Giannattasio - Optician, Clifton, NJ