Digital HD Chart (with Polarized Filter)

Huvitz HDC-9000PF

Huvitz HDC-9000PF Digital HD Chart offers a variety of charts and vision test procedures to bring the most accurate prescription with a high resolution 24" Color TFT-LCD with polarized filter panel for more precise visual acuity testing. Features a user-friendly menu structure with a comprehensive test range and selectable working distance. Easily upgradable via USB software. Wall mount included with optional desk stand or floor stand.

Huvitz Digital HD Chart Features:

  • Standard Visual Acuity Charts
    The more than 100 various charts for the HDC-9000N/PF support all manners of tests for the visual acuity and visual function. Standard charts include tests such as Letter, Number, Landolt C, Snellen E, Children chart and other specialty charts as well.

  • Polarized Charts and Functional Charts
    Provides a variety of polarized charts that can be applied to many types of tests using the Cross Cylinder, Red/Green, Polarization and other special lenses such as the Binocular Vision Test, Stereoscopic Vision Test, Heterophoria / Heterotropia Test, Binocular Balance Test, Fusion and Suppression Test, Aniseikonia Test and more.

  • Standardized ETDRS
    Offers the ETDRS acuity at various test distances and a wide variety of ETDRS LogMAR tests are also available. (ETDRS acuity testing has become the worldwide standard for visual acuity testing replacing the Snellen and Sloan acuity tests.)

  • Color Vision and Hue Test
    Presents 12 charts for testing Color Blindness and 9 charts for classifying the level of visual inability and supports the professional test consisting of 85 color charts diversified by wavelength and the simple test of 15 color charts.

  • Contrast Sensitivity Test
    Measures contrast sensitivity at various levels using letter charts and the bar. The results of tests are analyzed and displayed providing the patient with more details and a professional and analytical diagnosis.

  • And many more...


    Huvitz Digital HD Chart



             Huvitz HDC-9000PF Digital Chart