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Most reliable and diverse lens coating solution to fit every need and budget.

Coburn provides a complete lens coater solution for the small retail lab operation to large production coaters with fully automated solutions. Coburn lens coaters offer removable coating module that allows for much easier cleaning, maintenance and switching between coatings.

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Velocity Spin Optical Lens Coater

Velocity Spin Optical Lens Coater

Coburn’s new Velocity Lens Coater is a fully automated industrial hard coating system providing the highest throughput of any system on the market while also delivering excellent yields. The automation system includes a multi-stage pre-cleaning system as well as lens handling from the job tray, through a multi-stage lens pre-cleaning system, followed by a secondary cleaning system, coating, and cure, finally returning the lens to the job tray.   All of this is accomplished without operator involvement.

Simplicity Optical Lens Coater

Simplicity Optical Lens Coater

The Simplicity backside optical lens coater is our latest compact UV lens hard coat system, which provides a consistent 98% yield rate average with select tintable and non-tintable coatings. Built using award-winning technology, the Simplicity lens coater combines a wash station, lens coating station and UV cure station in one fully enclosed counter-top design. Its size and automated functionality make it an ideal fit for small to medium sized labs looking to bring lens coating in house, and its programmable control over the lens coating process makes it ideal for tinting and other specialty applications in larger lens processing labs.