LaunchPad™ Free-Form Lens Polisher

LaunchPad Free-Form Lens Polisher

LaunchPad™ lens polisher is the name for the innovative free-form lens processing technology that allows for easier and more cost-effective lens polishing of free-form lenses. The proprietary, patent pending material configuration of LaunchPad combined with Coburn’s patented disposable foam lap allows for free-form polishing on a traditional cylinder machine* eliminating the need for larger free-form polishers. It is now possible for anyone to enter the world of free- form lens processing without being barred by the prohibitive start-up cost.

Free Form Lens Processing

LaunchPad™ marks a new era in free-form lens processing. As the focal point of your free-form operations, LaunchPad lens polisher allows access to an affordable, complete system that can produce advanced lenses without the larger and more costly free-form polishers. From design through surfacing, finishing and even AR coating; a LaunchPad lab gives you the capability to scale free-form from retail to wholesale easier than ever before.

*Coburn Acuity Plus and/or CMX50 products

Lens Polisher Features

  • Simplifies the process of producing free- form lenses
  • Provides an affordable opportunity to process free-form lenses with reduced start-up equipment costs
  • Custom and exact free-form curvature through the patented Coburn disposable lap
  • Scientifically designed, developed and tested specifically for Coburn free-form generators and cylinder machines*