Cobalt DS Mist-Cut Lens Generator

Cobalt DS Optical Lens Generator

The new COBALT-DS high speed mist-cut optical lens generator is part of the new Cobalt high-volume production system for free-form and traditional RX lenses. The Cobalt lens surfacing process leaves the final polished lens optically clear (virtually haze–free) without the need to apply hard coating for optical clarity and produces better surfacing (cut & polished) Free-Form lens results than any other free-form surfacing system in the industry

Cold Misting Lens Generator

The COBALT lens generator utilizes a cold-misting system that atomizes a water-based lubricant constantly, consistently, and precisely directly at the single point turning diamond on the lens surface during cutting. This process saturates the cutting surface during with a cold, mist lubricant between lens and diamond creating a wet core for the cut. Combined with high performance vibration-free A and V axis systems and a new diamond, the resulting lens surface surpasses competitive wet-cut generators.

Lens Generator Features

  • “Cold Mist” System which provides wet-cut generating results without need for a water management system
  • Coburn’s patented and globally licensed single-point diamond turning lathe technology
  • Precision air bearings to eliminate vibration and provide increased cutting speed
  • Vibration dampening system that isolates generator environment from any external vibration
  • Pair with COBALT-DP polisher or other compatible free-form polishers