Novar Lens Design Software

Novar Lens Design Software

Novar Free-form Designer has been in development for over seven years. Successfully utilized on tens of thousands of lenses,  Navar can be implemented on a broad variety of laboratory management systems and surfacing platforms, including Coburn’s Cobalt System, as well as that of other major equipment manufacturers.

There’s a 30-day trial available for anyone interested in testing the product on a risk-free basis.


  • Continuum Design Technology, a novel and proprietary approach developed by Opulens, which allows the modelling of a continuous optical surfaces without resorting to interpolation and with an infinite amount of control points for wider visual fields, higher levels of comfortability, and a greater degree of personalized ophthalmic lenses tailored to each users requirements
  • A broad variety of multi-purpose progressive designs including First, Precisa, Precisa Short, Evolution, Evolution Short, Office and Geo, as well as several specialty progressives including Indoor, Outdoor, Drive and Relax. Even occupational designs, such as Office, depending on the customer’s preference.
  • Several blended bifocals, such as Kriptok, Ultrex, which utilizes Opulens proprietary technology, and even includes a single vision aspheric and a single vision aspheric atoric, Geo.
  • Unlike any other product offered in the market, this product is available on a click fee basis, a monthly flat fee basis, an unlimited flat fee basis, and any combination thereof.

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