Coburn Technologies, Inc. the world’s leading provider of computer-integrated ophthalmic lens processing systems. We design, manufacture, and service software equipment and supplies used in all aspects of surfacing prescriptions in lens blanks, coating lenses and machining lenses to fit into patient frames. In 2011, Coburn became the sole distributor of diagnostics and refraction equipment manufactured by Huvitz, Ltd.


For over 60 years, we’ve supplied optical labs with products and services that have literally reinvented existing production methods – products like the Step One™ Blocker, SG8 and Lensmaker generator. Our experts have brought automation to the lens processing lab and have continued to increase our level of sophistication. As a result, labs all over the world produce higher quality lenses with less breakage and higher throughput.

Ongoing Product Training

Just as our technological track record remains unparalleled in the industry, so does our capacity to share that technology with customers. Wholly committed to teaching equipment owners how to maximize productivity and profit potential of their investment, we conduct on-going product training to reinforce the benefits and power of our equipment and technology. In addition, we support every product we sell with our highly talented engineering and support teams.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers can count on solid application support, field service, worldwide distribution network, and specialized product management group to respond to their questions and concerns. Our willingness to react to the marketplace and our customers’ needs defines our leadership position and sets the stage for great things to come. By combining artificial intelligence with precision machining techniques, we will continue to redefine the way prescription lenses are made – working on newer and better technologies that will take lens processing to new heights.