The Slit Lamp: What You Need to Know

A slit lamp instrument is an ophthalmologist’s valued collaborator when it comes to up-close and personal views into the eyeball. The setup combines a powerful biomicroscope with a pivoting illuminator — the slit lamp proper — in a fully integrated system that allows the specialist to examine various parts of the eye in unparalleled detail.

The idea of the slit lamp dates back a century or so, but the technology has certainly come a long way. Today’s state-of-the-art versions — including the Huvitz slit lamps we offer at Coburn Technologies — combine outstanding user ergonomics with precise and versatile optics. Huvitz slit lamps are equipped with the ability to mount a digital camera for chronicling findings.

The Slit Lamp in Use

The slit lamp biomicroscope precisely magnifies and focuses the oculars, and works in concert with the illuminator, the slit beam of which can be adjusted in size, shape, and brightness. That finesse gives the user the ability to scrutinize different parts of the eye for pathologies, adapting the light (as well as the viewfinder scale) for the particular location, contour, and composition of a given layer.

Varying the angle of the slit lamp and the shape of the beam as well as the relative sightlines of the oculars and illuminator allows for a wide range of different optical techniques — including direct and indirect illumination, retro-illumination, and sclerotic scatter — to truly plumb the depths (and surfaces) of the eye’s building blocks. These include tricky “see-through” components such as the cornea and tear film.

Use a cross-sectional beam to recognize and pinpoint lesions in the anterior or posterior of the cornea, for instance, or determine whether an abnormality on the lens is concave or convex simply by shifting from head-on to oblique illumination. From the eyelashes to the vitreous, from the conjunctiva to the iris, a slit lamp is a peerless optical tool for assessing eye health and condition.

Top-of-the-Line Slit Lamps From Coburn Technologies

Coburn Technologies sells the best of the best when it comes to slit lamps. The digital slit lamps of the Huvitz HS Series, including the HS-7000/HS-7500 and the HS-5000/HS-5500,  stand out by incorporating industrial grade microscope technology, significantly enhancing quality and accuracy. The SK-LS-1B Portable Slit Lamp  is a lightweight and portable hand-held slit lamp for versatility and ease of use for in-the-field or other settings that make a traditional eye exam challenging. Our Huvitz slit lamps can also be rigged with a digital camera so that you’re able to record what you seeing in high-definition still or video imagery.

Take aim against cataracts, macular degeneration, detached retinas, corneal infiltrates, conjunctivitis, and other ocular maladies by making a slit lamp from Coburn Technologies part of your ophthalmic toolkit.

With a top-quality industrial microscope, an acutely adjustable source of light, and the right techniques, you’ll gain a beautifully detailed and comprehensive look at the human eye. Take a look at our full slit-lamp selection today! Or contact us for more information.