SOUTH WINDSOR, CT – Coburn Technologies, the world’s leading provider of end-to-end customer solutions to the world’s ophthalmic lens processing industries, introduces a new lensmeter. With Wavefront Analysis Technology, the HLM-1 Lensmeter, manufactured by Huvitz Co., Ltd.,was created to provide fast and accurate measurements on a cost-effective platform.  

Features of the HLM-1 include:

  • Hartmann Sensor Wavefront Analysis Technology with more measurement points than previous generations.
  • Expanded prism measurement range up to 20Δ measuring from all directions of BU, BD, BI, BO.
  • Wide range for measuring small or large (blank) lenses from diameters of ⌀15mm to ⌀
  • Easily measures darkly-tinted or mirrored sunglasses by automatically amplifying the amount of light and calculating its refractive power without any manual configurations.
  • Meets or exceeds the Medical Equipment Certificate, Class B standard
  • Slim and compact design make it perfect for small spaces
  • Auto lens recognition including single vision and progressive lenses
  • Improved progressive (multifocal) lens measurement makes measuring fast and easy by simply moving the target and following the guides on the screen
  • Bright and user-friendly user interface makes following each step stress-free
  • 7” color and high resolution LCD screen features an anti-glare and hard coating produces sharp images and a scratch resistant screen.
  • Enhanced camera performance provides faster responses when measuring refractive power and improved lens detection
  • High speed (processing speed per frame: 65ms) with more frames per second (15FPS)
  • Newly designed nose cone and lens support allows the user to measure smaller frame styles with ease

“The HLM-1’s excellent features make this lensmeter an excellent option for the eye care professional,” said Bruno Yun, Senior Sales Application Engineer. “We pride ourselves in offering affordable and reliable equipment while providing optimal service to customers especially after a purchase.”

Wayne Labrecque, Vice President of Sales said, “Coburn has been in the optical industry for over 60 years and has built a reputation for quality and performance. We’re excited to use our expertise to offer exceptional modern equipment.”

Coburn is the exclusive distributor of Huvitz, the largest manufacturer of digital refraction and diagnostics equipment worldwide. For pricing and additional details, call 1-800-COBURN1 or contact us here.