Coburn Technologies, Inc. introduces TruBlu optical edging pads. Compatible with all types of lens materials, styles and base curves, TruBlu is a general-purpose blocking pad, which also provides a secure bond on most AR coatings. TruBlu edging pads are manufactured at the Coburn manufacturing facility in South Windsor, Connecticut.

“With proven performance at various testing facilities worldwide, TruBlu Edging pads are engineered for excellent adhesion,” states Khristina Selley, Consumables Sales Manager at Coburn Technologies.

“TruBlu also provides excellent torque resistance with clean removability from the lens and block,” states Selley. She added, “TruBlu edging pads are available in most common shapes and configurations with a precision die cut.”

For additional information about Coburn Technologies and the TruBlu Edging Pads, contact us or call 1-800-COBURN-1.