Lens labs and practices are reopening across the world after weeks, even months of closed doors. As we are all aware, these are unique circumstances, and we have advice on how to reopen smoothly. Start processing lenses or seeing patients with limited setbacks by using our checklists as a guide. Before switching on your equipment, we recommend the following procedures. We will also release checklists tailored to specific equipment.

Before switching your lens surfacing systems on, we advise the following:

  1. Check power supply, voltage and earthing.
  2. Check air supply and dry air filters thoroughly to ensure there is no moisture.
  3. Apply grease to all slides after cleaning and move slides by hand a few times before powering up.
  4. Remove all old polish and refill new polish. Recycle a while after cleaning old polish containment in the polish chamber.
  5. For the Velocity Coater, remove old varnish and replace with new coating filter and new varnish.

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Product-specific startup checklists

Velocity Spin Optical Lens Coater by Coburn TechnologiesVelocity and Simplicity Lens Coaters Checklist

Cobalt NXT Optical Lens GeneratorCobalt NX/NXT Generators Checklist

Cobalt DP Lens Polisher by Coburn TechnologiesCobalt DP Polisher Checklist

Enhanced Lens Edger HPE 8000XCoburn Edgers Checklist


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