The first pieces of equipment in our Startup Series are the Velocity and Simplicity lens coaters. To keep this equipment clean and ready for startup after an extended period of downtime, please follow the below procedures:

Start by inspecting the inside and outside of the machine for any safety hazards or guards put in place.

  1. Remove any plastic wrap from machine. Replace Hepa Pre-Filter. If Hepa has been off, turn on.
  2. Ensure UV-bulb has less than 900 hours and check for any foreign objects inside.
  3. Turn air pressure on and raise turret/boom up.
  4. Before turning machine power on, inspect & clean the bowl-deck, wash and coating bowls for any dust/contaminates. Clean using Isopropyl alcohol & a lint free towel.
  5. Turn Machine Power ON
  6. Prime wash station first. We suggest leaving the wash tip installed and run wash pump prime to purge any air from the system. Once primed, run wash prime (with Dump-Valve off) for 15-20 minutes to flush water lines. Flushing +/- 5 gallons of water will help push any contaminates from the water lines. Listen to wash pump, if it slows, release any clogs from wash tip by inverting wash nozzle and repeating the process until clean.
  7. Pour 3 bottles of Coburn Technologies coating into coating reservoir. Purge all air from coating filter & check for leaks. Once the system is primed:
    1. Use coating height fixture (Part# 343731) to ensure coating height is between 1.5” and 2” from top of the coating bowl.
    2. Use coating alignment fixture (Part# 348201) to ensure that coating is hitting near center of lens.
  8. Clean 10-15 Plano Lenses with Rocket Clean Solvent (Part# 325231) and run through coater to ensure machine is running as intended.

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