Next in the Startup Series are Coburn’s Cobalt Generators: Cobalt NX, Cobalt NXT, and Cobalt NXT+. To keep your Cobalt Generator clean and ready for start-up after an extended period of downtime, please follow the below procedures:

  1. Check incoming voltage at the wall. Ensure proper voltage/power is being supplied to the generator.
    • Power/Voltage requirements can be found listed on the machine or manual for your specific model.
  2. Check incoming air supply for proper PSI.
    • Cobalt Series Generators require 100-110psi of clean dry air
  3. After startup/powering up of the generator:
    • Verify air pressure at the incoming air regulator on the machine.
    • Verify air pressure being supplied to the air bearing.
      • Look at the air regulator for the air bearing filter assembly located inside the back panel of the machine. You will need to remove the back panel to verify. 60psi is required.

Air Regulator outline drawing front view for Cobalt Lens Generators by Coburn Technologies Air Regulator outline drawing side view for Cobalt Lens Generators by Coburn Technologies

    • Inspect the filter bowls for moisture. Drain if any moisture/water is found.
  1. Clean and grease all maintenance points on the machine. Refer to manual if necessary.
    • Y-Axis clean and grease the leadscrew, if so equipped and rails.
    • X-Axis clean and grease the leadscrew and lower bearings.
  2. Coolant Tank
    • Check the coolant level, add if low.
    • Shake or stir up the coolant in the tank as it would have separated
    • Clean the strainer/filter for the coolant tank going to the mister.
      • If coolant tank line has buildup or is discolored, remove and clean.
  3. Mister
    • Cycle mister on to test and verify operation. Adjust if necessary if coolant is not coming out. Refer to manual on how to do this.
  4. Calibrate all Axis, using the calibration software in the machine.
  5. Initialize the machine and verify homing.
  6. Call down a job to verify the host system working.
  7. Vacuum systems
    • Check incoming power to the vacuum system installed. Ensure correct.
    • Clean out the swarf collection container for the vacuum.
    • Clean and or replace all filters associated with your vacuum system as needed.
    • Clean and inspect ducting from vacuum to generator.
      • Ensure all connections are sealed so there is no loss of vacuum.
    • Turn on and check for adequate suction at the swarf hood.
      • If less than normal go back through ducting system and look for breaks or separation at points that air can be sucked in at.
      • Check that filters have been put back in place, door closed, and collection boxes are set correctly.
  8. Granulators (for systems so equipped)
    • Check incoming power to the granulator. 220vac +/-10%
    • Turn on granulator. Ensure blades are spinning and in the correct direction.

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