Next in the Startup Series is the Cobalt DP Lens Polisher. To keep your Cobalt DP clean and ready for start-up after an extended period of downtime, please follow the below procedures:

  1. Check incoming voltage at the wall. Ensure proper voltage/power is being supplied to the polisher.
    • Power/Voltage requirements 230VAC.
  2. Check incoming air supply for proper PSI.
    • Cobalt DP polisher requires 90-100 psi of clean dry air.
  3. Check incoming water connections are turned on.
    • Inspect for leaks around machine once supplying water.
  4. Polish Delivery System Check: Polishing particles will have settled and water will have evaporated reducing the effectiveness of the polish.
    • Clean and rinse any filters in your polisher delivery system.
    • Run your Polish delivery system for 30 minutes to stir up adequately all polish that will have settled to the bottom of the tank.
      • You may need to manually stir the polish to get the polishing particles off the bottom of the tank.
    • Once polish has been stirred up. Check the baume of the polish.
      • If polish baume is much too low, below 12 then empty out and clean tank and replace with new polish. Clean filters again.
      • If polish baume is only a little low then add new polish to bring up the baume to acceptable level.
    • Verify the temperature of the polish and that temperature is within the specified range for your polishers requirements.
    • Verify that the pump is working and supplying the proper amount of polish flow to the polisher.
  5. Perform force calibration. Procedure found in Cobalt DP Owners Manual Section 3 page 5.
  6. Perform chuck calibration. Procedure found in Cobalt DP Owners Manual Section 3 page 6.
  7. Check the operation of the Gate Valve. Ensure it opens and closes correctly.Cobalt DP lens polisher gate valve assembly outlined drawing.

    • Look for O-rings that might have dried and might have rolled up once the gate valve is operated. This will cause polish to leak out of the assembly on to the floor under the polisher.
  8. Clean and inspect the chuck O-Rings and O-Ring groove.
    • Replace if dried and cracked O-Rings.
  9. Run polish through the machine for 10 minutes with the door closed and shields up.
    • Diagnostics menu, Press Door to close, Press Shields to raise, Press Polish to turn on.
  10. Verify polish flow is adequate. Adjust if necessary either on the machine or by the polisher deliver system.
  11. Verify the shields are moving up and down. By using the software in Diagnostics menu.
  12. Verify the door is moving up and down. By using the software in Diagnostics menu.
  13. Verify rinse station is spraying water when activating with foot pedal.
  14. Test the tank wash function to ensure water is being supplied correctly.
  15. Verify host communications is working by calling down a job.


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