Next in our Startup Series for a successful reopening is your Coburn lens edger. To keep your edger clean and ready for start-up after an extended period of downtime, please follow the below procedures:

  1. Checking the edging chamber (make sure the edger is disconnected from power before proceeding).
    • Pull up the edging room window manually.
      Hand opening viewer window of a lens edger by Coburn Technologies.
    • Check that the wheels spin freely by hand.
      • If you hear a rough sound or feel the wheels are hard to turn, inspect around and below the wheels for blockages. If a blockage is found call Coburn Service for instructions on removing it.
    • Check that the Safety bevel wheel moves easily buy hand. If it does not move call Coburn Service for Further assistance.
    • If equipped with a mono feeler ensure that the feeler can move fully to the left and return to the right.
      • Ensure the shafts and tips are clean and free of swarf build up.
        Closeup of lens edger shaft in a Coburn Technologies edger.
      • If needed clean the shaft with an alcohol wipe.
  2. Checking the water drain.
    • Check the drain hose located below the edger for any obstructions.
      Black and white drawing of drain pipe in a lens edger.

      • Remove the Drain Pipe Fixer and the hose.
      • Visually inspect and remove any blockages found.
    • Inspect the water tank (not applicable to direct water installations).
      Black and white graphic of a lens edger water tank.

      • Remove pumps 1 and 2.
      • Empty the tank remove any buildup at the bottom and fill with fresh water.
    • Clear the Sediment Trap (only for direct water installations).
    • Turn on the water source.
      *Note: Always remember to turn off the water source at the end of the day.
  3. Starting the edger.
    • Reconnect the power cord.
    • Ensure the drain hose is firmly affixed.
    • Power the edger on.
      Main on/off switch for optical lens edger.
  4. Power up process.
    • As the edger powers on it will run its auto check procedure. This checks all the motors and sensors in the device for any problems. If a problem is detected there will be an error code displayed. Contact Coburn service with the error code. If no problem is detected, the edger screen will display as normal.
    • You are now ready to process jobs.


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