Coburn Technologies is pleased to introduce the latest technology in conventional lens processing that eliminates the need for traditional hard tools. Developed in conjunction with the CTL65 Compact Lens Generator which the company introduced several years ago, Coburn’s new Acuity Max Soft Polisher revolutionizes lens processing for the conventional lab.

This Cut-to-Polish System is an ideal solution for conventional labs seeking the most efficient and accurate lens processing technology without the high cost of a complete digital system. Acuity Max uses versatile soft tools in a two-step polishing process, eliminating the need for bulky, labor-intensive hard tools and traditional fining and polishing pads.

“We listened to the customer and discovered the desire for conventional lens processing labs to innovate their systems in the age of expensive digital systems,” states Ram Narayanan, Executive Director of Coburn Technologies’ Asia Market. “Our CTL65 Compact Lens Generator already produces an excellent surface finish. Paired with Acuity Max, operators can skip the fining process, eliminate hard tools, and use innovative soft tools to produce more accurate lens powers than traditional hard lap tools.”

Adding Acuity Max to your new or existing CTL65 Compact Lens Generator will save time, labor, space, and utilities in any lab.

For more information, please visit Coburn online at, or call 1-800-COBURN-1 for pricing and additional details.