Coburn Technologies introduces groundbreaking technology with the Integrity Alloy Recovery System, the first and only automated waterless alloy recovery system. The Integrity system avoids the hazards of traditional alloy reclaim systems while enhancing efficiency of the lens making process.

“The Integrity system provides labs with an efficient, eco-friendly and safe approach to alloy recovery,” explains Coburn Technologies President Alex Incera. “Its waterless process saves labs from using and contaminating water and significantly reduces operator exposure to harmful alloy.”

Whereby traditional reclaim systems completely melt the alloy puck in a hot water tank to remove it from the block, the Integrity system uses induction heating technology to melt a very thin layer of alloy where it engages the block, allowing the alloy puck to separate cleanly and completely intact. The method used by the Integrity system not only eliminates the use and contamination of water, but also facilitates the storage and safe handling of both alloy and blocks. All this is done automatically at a rate of up to 240 blocks an hour, making Integrity the fastest alloy recovery system on the market.

The Integrity system completes Coburn’s Automated Post Polishing system which includes the Agility Autodeblocker, Integrity Alloy Recovery System, Duality De-Taper and Cleaner, and Velocity Coater. Lenses can be deblocked, de-taped, cleaned and coated within minutes while blocks and alloy are simultaneously separated and recovered.

“This is a great milestone for the Coburn team,” Incera concludes. “Our efforts to constantly innovate lens processing are centered around our customers and their needs, and the needs of the industry as it pertains to efficiency and today’s focus on safer, cleaner processing. We are proud to reshape the post polishing process in this new and unique way.”

Reimage alloy recovery with Coburn at Vision Expo East at booth F4333. You can watch the Integrity system in action along with Coburn’s full Automated Post Polishing System. Vision Expo East will be in the Javits Center in New York, NY from March 31 – April 3, 2022.

Reimagine your lab with the Integrity; the newest automated, clean, and efficient technology.

For additional information about Coburn Technologies and how to reimagine your lab with the Integrity, visit or call 1-800-COBURN-1.