Acuity Plus Lens Polisher & Finer

Acuity Plus Lens Polisher & Finer

The Acuity Plus lens polisher and finer offers a number of options and user benefits, making it the most flexible cylinder polishing machine on the market.

Sophisticated yet user-friendly, Acuity Plus is a highly economical laboratory tool that generates exceptionally accurate lenses. The operator can select the best processing times and pressures based on the specified lens material: CR-39, polycarbonate, hi-index, or glass. This degree of precision is supported by a mechanical design that provides optimized fining and polishing orbits.

Acuity Plus easily handles a wide curve range, producing excellent results through a one-or two-step fining process. This vertability is achieved without stroke adjustments. In addition, customers can tailor the Acuity Plus to suit their specific laboratory needs. This innate flexibility makes the unit ideal for a wide variety of processing environments.


  • Enhanced fluid delivery system, providing increased clearance for lap and lens loading
  • Accommodates wide curve ranges
  • FasStart™ feature automatically clamps laps and lenses in place
  • Liquid crystal display guides operators through each step of the fining and polishing process
  • Unique ergonomic design with optional work light
  • Redesigned pump system increases reliability, reducing maintenance costs
  • Heavy duty rod end bearings decrease maintenance costs and improve system reliability
  • Push button operation provide quick, easy calibration
  • Compact and quiet