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Give Your Optical Business a Leg Up This Year – Newest Optical Innovations Have Impressive Value and ROI.

By Coburn Technologies, Inc. Staff Optical professionals spanning the globe can all agree… the year 2020 (a most fitting year for the optical industry) posed some of the biggest challenges of their lifetime: mandated shutdowns, economic downturn, distance from customers... Read More

Do I Really Want an In-Office Lab? – Industry Expert Debunks Common Myths

By Frank Giammanco Determining whether or not to install and in-office lab can be a daunting experience. As with any capital equipment investment, it requires some research and analysis on your part. Unfortunately, over the years, a number of myths... Read More

Procedures for Starting Up Your Coburn Lens Edger

Next in our Startup Series for a successful reopening is your Coburn lens edger. To keep your edger clean and ready for start-up after an extended period of downtime, please follow the below procedures: Checking the edging chamber (make sure... Read More

Surfacing and Finishing Equipment Startup Checklist

Lens labs and practices reopened across the world after weeks, even months of closed doors. As we are all aware, we are still living through unique circumstances, and we have advice on how to reopen smoothly. Start processing lenses or... Read More

Top 3 Misconceptions Around In-House Surfacing & Finishing

Some opticians and retail shops are skeptical about in-house lens surfacing and finishing. Without having the right knowledge for how this will benefit their practice though, how can they make this decision? We found that there are three common misconceptions... Read More