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Lens edgers, tracers, blockers and software for the eyecare professional.


Coburn Technologies, Inc.’s ophthalmic finishing equipment includes a series of all-inclusive, high performance ophthalmic lens edging systems designed to offer a wide array of features for in-house lens finishing. Through modular finishing technology, the Excelon and Exxpert series of edgers offers all of these top-level features for professional level finishing, while keeping the price more affordable than comparable systems.


New to in-office finishing? No problem! Our team of experts can can provide a full consultation on how to get started and the potential ROI for your business. Edging lenses in-house can be extremely valuable for your practice, significantly lowering outside lab costs and standing out against your competition. Check out our latest lens edgers, lens tracers, lens blockers and drills below.


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Ophthalmic Finishing Equipment

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TruBlu Edging Pads by Coburn Technologies

Compatible with all types of lens materials, styles and base curves, TruBlu is a general-purpose blocking pad, which also provides a secure bond on most AR coatings.


At Once Complex & Easy to Use

“The finishing labs in each of the Lenses Only stores boast new, state-of-the-art equipment (from Coburn Technologies) that is at once complex and easy to use.”

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Steven Abbate & Tom Gonthier
Lenses Only | Hartford, CT

Faster Customer Service

“Now that I have a machine that can cut all materials, I’m filling anything higher than -2.00 with Trivex. And every lens I stock has AR. So if you want your lenses right away, you have to get AR. If somebody is hemming and hawing about premium options, I can say, ‘You know, I can have these ready for you in an hour,’ and they are much more apt to pull the trigger.”

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Dorothy Reynolds, LO
Optical Alternatives | Fairfield | CT