EXXPERT® HDM-8000 Drilling Unit

lens drilling unit

Superior Performance and Ease-of-Use

The HDM-8000 Lens Drilling Unit offers the ultimate time saving solution to increase your profitability. You can transmit jobs with a single click. Create the wildest lens shape imaginable. Virtually any shape lens and hole pattern is attainable. The HDM-8000 also features a sleek design and a small footprint that can fit beautifully in any space.

The HDM-8000 Lens Drilling Unit is fully compatible with the HPE-910 Express Lens Edger.


  • New systematic data profiling algorithm significantly reduces job processing time
  • Process and cut your next lens while drilling is in process with Smart Job Manager software
  • Automatic Door Safety Sensor will not allow the unit door to close until hands are clear during loading and unloading of lenses
  • Sleek design allows for a smaller footprint
  • Removable waste drawer keeps the working enviroment clean increased performance