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Optical Lens Blockers

Automatic and manual blocking technology for ophthalmic lenses.

Coburn’s lens blockers range from the simple and classic manual blocking to fully automated lens blocking systems. Our lens blockers are customizable to fit any specific need and budget. They are also all compatible with any lab management software. Looking to cut down on equipment, or have limited space? Our HAB-8000X has it’s own integrated lens tracer, and the HAB-910 can include an integrated drill. Pair any blocker with our lens edgers, and you have a complete system!

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HAB-910 EXXPERT Automatic Lens Tracer Blocker by Coburn Technologies
HAB 8000X Exxpert Automatic Lens Tracer/Blocker
Excelon HBK-410 Smart Blocker for Ophthalmic Lenses
HMB 8000 Exxpert LED Manual Lens Blocker
Perfecto Lens Blocker | Coburn Technologies

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Exterior view of the EXXPERT HAB-910 Automatic Tracer and Blocker for optical lenses by Coburn Technologies. Touch screen interface, black body and silver accents.

EXXPERT HAB-910 Automatic Lens Tracer/Blocker

High speed, accurate, user-friendly automatic tracing and blocking system. Improved lensmeter measurements, scan and cut, and digital scan speed improved 4x from the HAB-8000X. Hands free block loading, automated lens gripping, faster lens recognition, faster power reading, and no more prism distortion with better laser mark distinction and demo lens scan performance.

Excelon HBK-410 Smart Blocker for Ophthalmic Lenses

Excelon HBK-410 Smart Blocker

With improved performance and increased stability, the Excelon HBK-410 Smart Blocker easily loads a finishing block into its holder and uses the new smart arm to flip the attached block 180 degrees and adhere to the lens with a leap pad. Built-in smart digital scan technology recognizes unique and traditional frame shapes and drill holes. High resolution and sharp imaging capabilities allow for easy viewing of laser markings.

Exxpert HAB-8000X Automatic Lens Tracer/Blocker

Exxpert HAB-8000X Automatic Lens Tracer/Blocker

A one-stop solution, combining the functions of a lens tracer, lensmeter, and auto blocker in one powerful machine. Fully automated lens centering and blocking at the push of a button. Just place the lens in position and the HAB-8000X will do the rest. Combine with any compatible Excelon or Exxpert Edger for a complete solution customized to meet your finishing needs.

HMB 8000 Exxpert LED Manual Lens Blocker

Exxpert HMB-8000 LED Manual Lens Blocker

The Exxpert series provides the versatility and efficiency that today’s retail practices require. Combine this compact, simple and easy to use lens blocker with any Exxpert or Excelon series lens Edger and lens Tracer with for a complete solution customized to meet your specific finishing needs.

Perfecto Lens Blocker | Coburn Technologies

Perfecto BK-4 Smart Lens Blocker

Introducing the new Perfecto Smart Blocker, the BK-4. Part of Coburn’s new versatile and efficient Perfecto finishing system, the BK-4 Smart Blocker is perfect for small to medium sized labs looking to meet the high demands of lens finishing. Contact us today to learn more about features such as high resolution, wide view LCD touch screen display and more!