Optical Lens Edgers

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Optical Lens Edgers

Accurate and reliable lens edgers for in-office lens finishing labs.

Coburn Technologies offers the most reliable and diverse optical lens edgers to fit every need and budget. Customize your lens edger with features ranging from basic automatic cuts to highly sophisticated drilling, customized bevel/grooving positioning and milling for hydrophobic lenses. Our latest model, the HPE-910, has 35 combinations of step bevel, and the option for a built-in drill. Just starting out with your in-office lab? Our HPE-410 is great for first-time users of lens finishing products.

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Excelon HPE-410 Lens Edger for Ophthalmic Lenses
Perfecto Lens Edger | Coburn Technologies

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EXXPERT Express HPE-910 Lens Edger by Coburn Technologies, facing the right side with screen turned on.

HPE-910 EXXPERT Express Lens Edger

The new HPE-910 EXXPERT Express Lens Edger is Coburn’s fastest edger to date, edging a single lens in just 80 seconds. Processing times are 50% faster than our previous models. Several lens edger models available, including the option for a built-in drill. HPE-910 is our high-end lens edging option for labs seeking an upgrade in their lens edging process.

Excelon HPE-410 Lens Edger for Ophthalmic Lenses

Excelon HPE-410 Lens Edger

HPE-410’s design is fresh and modern, and its revolutionary features were designed to keep up with the eye care professionals’ finishing demands. This machine comes enhanced with a stronger wheel with longer durability, and eliminates lens slippage with an adaptive lens chuck and position sensor. HPE-410 is great for startup labs who are introducing in-office lens finishing to their practice.

Perfecto Lens Edger | Coburn Technologies

Perfecto PE-4 Lens Edger

Part of Coburn’s versatile and efficient Perfecto finishing system, the PE-4 Lens Edger is perfect for small to medium sized labs looking to meet the high demands of lens finishing. Featuring a “Digital Pattern Layout” tool and advanced 3D technology, eye care professionals are able to easily finish their own lenses in house.