Huvitz Exxpert HPE-8000 Lens Edger

HPE 8000 Optical Lens Edger

The Exxpert 8000 series lens edger seamlessly finishes plastic, hi-index, polycarbonate, and Trivex® and offers the widest range of bevel options available. With accelerated long-life milling technology super hydrophobic axis twisting is eliminated, and with the optional drill unit, virtually any lens shape or hole pattern is possible.

Lens Edger Features

  • Integrated, accelerated long-life milling technology to eliminate axis twisting
  • Widest range of bevel options available including: Standard, Mini Bevel, Asymmetric, Semi U, and customizable beveling for high curved frames
  • User friendly touch screen and graphical user interface
  • Advanced 3-Dimensional digital technology
  • Detailed edging status is displayed graphically in real-time
  • Dual CPU system supports full multitasking, editing and loading
  • Chemistrie software
  • Optional drill unit (See below)

Exxpert HDM-8000 Lens Edger with Drill Unit

HDM 8000 Exxpert Drilling Unit

Available option for the Exxpert 8000 series lens edger which offers superior performance and ease-of-use in creating virtually any lens shape or hole pattern.

Drilling Unit Features

  • New systematic data profiling algorithm significantly reduces job processing time
  • Process and cut your next lens while drilling is in process with Smart Job Manager software
  • Sleek design allows for a smaller footprint