Excelon HPE-410 Lens Edger

Excelon HPE-410 Lens Edger for Ophthalmic Lenses

Introducing a new addition to the already impressive Excelon family of finishing equipment, the HPE-410 Excelon Lens Edging System. The new HPE-410’s design is fresh and modern. Its revolutionary features were designed to keep up with the eye care professionals’ finishing demands. This machine comes enhanced with a stronger wheel with longer durability, and eliminating lens slippage with an adaptive lens chuck and position sensor. Contact us to learn more!

Edger Features

  • 8 different edging types including bevel, rimless, grooving, mini bevel, partial bevel, partial grooving, dual grooving and hybrid grooving
  • Hydrophobic mode sets all the edging options for axis-safe cutting with one click of a button
  • 6 types of edging positions including auto, manual, base curve (absolute), percent, front offset and rear offset
  • 4 types of retouch options including size, polishing, grooving and safety bevel
  • Retouch up to 6 of the latest jobs 6 single sided edges or 3 double-sided edges
  • Direct DCS (OMA) import saves time and file duplication concerns by skipping the conversion step
  • Multiple job handling and concurrent processing allows the user to manage jobs that have been paused, completed, and saved or jobs currently being processed. User is able to prepare the next edging task while the edger is in process.
  • Supports bar code reading
  • External memory capabilities for SD Cards
  • 9.7” LCD touch screen with 1024px X 768px image resolution
  • Available with tracer built-in or as a separate add-on