EXXPERT® HPE-8000X Lens Edger

Enhanced Lens Edger HPE 8000X

The EXXPERT® HPE-8000X lens edger is the successor to our previous model, the HPE-8000, and now provides a multitude of new features and advancements to support the continuously changing needs in lens and frame technology.

The step bevel function has been considered a very high end, but expensive, option. Now, with the HPE-8000X, we are changing this preconceived notion by offering this high-end feature at an affordable price point.

Lens Edger Features

  • Step Bevel Cutting: Newly introduced “step bevel cutting” assures that the lens will fit precisely into high-wrap sunglasses even with special shape cuttings, such as ventilation holes.
  • 11 Different Lens Edge Finishes: More options are now available for different jobs. Edge finishes include step bevel, standard bevel, rimless, grooving, mini bevel,asymmetric bevel,U-bevel,partial bevel, partial grooving, dual grooving and hybrid grooving.
  • Reduce lens slippage: Adaptive swivel chuck is used to clamp the lens more evenly, while eliminating lens slippage.
  • “Axial roughing”: A new feature that prevents the lens from rotating on the wheel until the thickest part of the lens is removed, and in conjunction with the one touch hydrophobic mode, eliminates the possibility of lens slippage.
  • Import & Store DCS (OMA) Directly: Directly import DCS job files including frame shape, FPD, finishing style, lens material, drill coordinates and more. Also,store and maintain these files in folder format, removing all concerns of file duplication.
  • 6 Different Edging Positions: Various edging position options help provide more choices when matching lens and frame eye wire geometry. Positions include auto, manual, base curve (absolute), percent, front offset and rear offset.
  • Retouch Support Back Up: Saves up to the last three retouch jobs allowing user to go back and edit recent jobs if necessary.
  • Frame Shape Modification: Modify the shape of the frame more easily with R/L shape-switching, R/L shape-mirroring and free modification by the digital pattern mode–performed by directions, ratio, rotation and partial edition.
  • High Performance Wheel: The high performance wheel design now offers enhanced speed, higher polish quality and much easier wheel maintenance for polishing.