HPE-810 Lens Edger

Exxpert 810 Lens Edger

Updated and enhanced, the new HPE-810 makes edging lenses even easier. Graphics make beveling easier by showing detailed images of the beveling process. Take advantage of the faster processing time and ability to edit new jobs while edger is in progress.

At Once Complex & Easy to Use

“The finishing labs in each of the Lenses Only stores boast new, state-of-the-art equipment (from Coburn Technologies) that is at once complex and easy to use.”

Check out the article in Eyecare Business: Letting the Lab Lead

Steven Abbate & Tom Gonthier
Lenses Only | Hartford, CT

Faster Customer Service

“Now that I have a machine [HPE-810 Lens Edger] that can cut all materials, I’m filling anything higher than -2.00 with Trivex. And every lens I stock has AR. So if you want your lenses right away, you have to get AR. If somebody is hemming and hawing about premium options, I can say, ‘You know, I can have these ready for you in an hour,’ and they are much more apt to pull the trigger.”

Check out the article in Eyecare Business: Getting a Positive Edge on Business

Dorothy Reynolds, LO
Optical Alternatives | Fairfield | CT

Edger Features

  • Highly Efficient CPU: 1GHz CPU supports next job editing during current job processing
  • Faster Processing: Supports  faster edging by 30% and drilling by 40% from the previous model
  • Customized Mini Bevel: Bevel height is customizable for frames with short grove depth and produces lens which fits perfectly in its frame. (Min 0.1-Max 0.8mm)
  • Concave Shape Processing: Processes even concave shapes on lenses within a range of wheel curvature
  • Easy Click Editing (for Chemistrie Clip Features): Chemistrie clip editing function allows far & near sight glasses and even sunglasses to be used on a single frame. The entire process can easily be done with a single click on a user friendly UI.
  • Auto/Manual 3D Simulation: 3D simulation supports easier bevel/groove positioning. Auto positioning function reads frame & lens curve automatically & determines the best position of the bevel/grove. Manual positioning allows opticians to manually position bevel/groove for the best result.
  • Powerful Drill: High power motor makes HPE-810 more powerful and leads to 40% reduction in processing time from the previous model (HPE-7000). Easy hole editing management and high power motor creates a great combined effect effect for rimless glasses.
  • Design Your Imagination (optional) with Scan & Cut: As designs of glasses are diversifying, demands for edgers capable of processing these designs are increasing. This function supports these demands without restrictions.
  • Tiltable Drill for High Curve Lenses: Range of 0°-30° supports excellent hole processing for all kinds of high curve lenses
  • Bidirectional Feeling- Processing Time Reduction: Bidirectional feelers of the edger’s improved configuration are more durable & simultaneous feeling of front & back sides reduces lens thickness recognition time by a maximum of 50%.