HPE-910 EXXPERT Express Lens Edger

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The new HPE-910 EXXPERT Express Lens Edger machine is equipped with 7 step bevel types and 5 edging styles, creating a perfect, sturdy fit for frames. It is easy to process high curve lenses and lenses with various coatings due to a more powerful wheel and flexible adaptive chuck. Complex processing, including variable asymmetric, is fast and easy due to height adjustability. Other available grooving includes Semi-U, Partial Grooving/Beveling, Hybrid Grooving and Dual Grooving. Operators can also utilize the Retouch Function after processing to further refine the lens fitting.

This latest lens edger machine technology safely processes lenses with an upgraded roughing wheel, adaptive chuck, and hydrophobic mode. Multiple configurations are available, including the optional drill, and can be paired with any of Coburn’s EXXPERT and Excelon lens finishing products. All-in-all, the HPE-910 EXXPERT Express Lens Edger can achieve a first time fit more consistently than other lens edger machines on the market.

Built-in drill

All-in-one lens finishing capabilities with multiple configurations available. Includes an optional built-in lens drill along with lens edging capabilities.

technical enhancements

Upgraded adaptive chuck minimizes lens processing errors and enables safer processing. More powerful roughing wheel and smarter sensor reduces processing time.

hydrophobic lens mode

Easily set clamp pressure and lens rotation with one button, enabling the safety of lens edging for hydrophobic lenses.

retouch function

Minimize fitting time by selecting each step, such as finishing, grooving or lens drilling only. Retouch lens bevel height with Mini bevel, and add an inclined cut.

direct importing

Easily import and process DCS (OMA) file from well-known eyewear brands into a memory card. Input special user designs. File converter automatically imports frame shapes and drilling information from standard image files, DXF or CAD files.

Product models and variations for the HPE-910 EXXPERT Express Lens Edger from Coburn Technologies. Chart shows product types HPE-910N, HPE-910X, HPE-910D, and HPE-910XD. Specifications include voltage, built-in drill add-on, step bevel, U bevel, True bevel, wheel type, scan and cut, and Chemistrie.

We absolutely love our new edger! It has cut down our turnaround time on glasses orders from 2 weeks to as little as a few days!

Mason Childers
Wiregrass Eyecare of Ozar