Excelon EZ CFR-3000 Lens Tracer & Blocker

CFR 3000 Excelon EZ Lens Tracer & Blocker

The Excelon EZ Series is a cost-effective and compact lens finishing system that integrates edging, blocking and tracing for ease of use. The one-body combined tracer and blocker provides various functions in a smaller and more convenient footprint. The Excelon EZ lens edger combined with the EZ tracer/blocker reduces non-value added steps and delivers high quality lenses to the market at the lowest cost of ownership.

Lens Finishing Features

  • Automatic detection of reading point
  • 3-Dimensional feeling of front /rear sides of lens
  • Normal frames, rimless, and high-curved goggles can be traced
  • Layout adjustments done on the tracer without moving the jobs to the edger
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