EXXPERT® HAB-8000X Automatic Lens Tracer/Blocker

Exxpert HAB-8000X Automatic Lens Tracer/Blocker

The EXXPERT HAB-8000X Automatic Lens Tracer and Blocker is your one-stop solution for automatic tracing and blocking. Combining the functions of a lens tracer, lensmeter, and auto blocker, this machine performs fully automated lens centering and blocking at the push of a button. Just place the lens in position and the EXXPERT HAB-8000X will do the rest. Combine with any compatible Excelon or EXXPERT edger for a complete solution customized to meet your finishing needs. Also available in white for use with the Excelon Series.

HAB-8000X automatic lens blocking and tracing by Coburn Technologies.


  • Instant automatic lens recognition
  • Integrated lensmeter accurately reads SPH, CYL, and AXIS
  • View lenses at 1:1 ratio on screen in real time and size
  • Modify lens shape width, height, and circumference for rimless and semi-rimless frames
  • Process four jobs simultaneously when combined with EXXPERT edger and drill unit
  • User friendly touch screen and graphical interface
  • Fast and easy rimless/semi-rimless hole editing functions with “drag & drop” feature
  • Hole detection with digital scanning of demo lenses and patterns
  • Stereoscopic scan technology provides accurate tracing of high curve frames
  • Capable of reading and digitally filtering 16,000 points of shape data to ensure maximum accuracy
  • Fully automated lens centering and blocking with motorized arm for block placement
  • Storage drawer for lens blocks and tools
  • Sliding dust cover for frame tracer to ensure durability and precision
  • Traced frame data and other key changes are transmitted to the edger in real-time