Exxpert® HAB-8000 Automatic Lens Tracer/Blocker

Exxpert HAB-8000 Automatic Lens Tracer/Blocker

The EXXPERT HAB-8000 Automatic Lens Tracer and Blocker is your one-stop solution for automatic tracing and blocking. Combining the functions of a lens tracer, lensmeter, and auto blocker, this machine performs fully automated lens centering and blocking at the push of a button. Just place the lens in position and the EXXPERT HAB-8000 will do the rest. Combine with any compatible Excelon or EXXPERT edger for a complete solution customized to meet your finishing needs.

Available in white for use with the Excelon Series.

Lens Tracer/Blocker Features

  • User friendly touch screen and graphical user interface
  • Advanced 3-Dimensional digital technology
  • Detailed edging status is displayed graphically in real-time
  • Dual side feelers for 50% faster lens reading
  • Dual CPU system supports full multitasking, editing and loading
  • Integrated drill module (XD model only)
  • Chemistrie software