EXXPERT® HAB-910 Automatic Lens Tracer/Blocker

Exterior view of the EXXPERT HAB-910 Automatic Tracer and Blocker for optical lenses by Coburn Technologies. Touch screen interface, black body and silver accents.

The EXXPERT HAB-910 Automatic Lens Tracer/Blocker offers a remarkably high-speed, reliably accurate, and user-friendly solution for tracing and blocking. Lensmeter measurement, scan & cut, and digital scan speed have been improved up to 4 times or more, making the HAB-910 the fastest auto blocker on the market. It features accurate lens recognition and convenient blocking. Place the lens on the plate, and the fully-automated HAB-910 will do the rest!


  • Ease of Use – Lens is placed in the correct position and leap block is loaded with minimal operator effort
  • Auto Lens Gripping – Automated lens gripping function is more accurate, without any lens slippage
  • Auto Block Adaptor Loading – Auto Block Adaptor loads with magnetic sensor and enables lens blocking, regardless of the direction it is placed, with just the push of a button
  • HDT™ (Huvitz Dual Technology) – Combination of Hartmann lensmeter and Retro-Reflection structure enables precise lens recognition and faster and more accurate lensmeter measurement
  • No more prism distortion, better laser mark distinction & better demo lens scan performance by minimizing the influence of ambient light
  • Fixed position of Hartmann Lensmeter – Find optical center and cylinder axis faster and precisely with a fixed position Hartmann lensmeter and a new optical algorithm complementing optical loss
  • 4 times faster lens blocking speed & increased performance