HFR-8000 EXXPERT® Optical Lens Tracer

HFR 8000 Exxpert Lens Tracer

The EXXPERT® HFR-8000 Lens Tracer provides the versatility and efficiency that today’s ophthalmic laboratories require. HFR-8000 is a fully automatic frame tracer that performs 3-dimensional tracing. This material-friendly unit can be used in virtually every situation. It provides fast and adaptable tracing for all frame materials and shapes. In addition, it is capable of scanning and digitally filtering 16,0000 points of shape data. The built-in stereoscopic scan technology provides accurate tracing even on high curve frames.

Combine our new HPE-910 EXXPERT Express Lens Edger with the EXXPERT Lens Tracer and compatible blocker unit for a complete solution customized to meet your specific lens finishing needs.


  • Fully automatic 3-Dimensional tracing
  • Fast tracing of frames, patterns & lenses
  • Real-time automatic data transfer to edger
  • Left-Eye, Right-Eye, or Complete tracing modes
  • Automatic data transfer of FPD to Edger
  • Chemistrie software