Perfecto Automatic Frame Tracer FR-4

Perfecto Frame Tracer | Coburn Technologies

Introducing the new Perfecto Automatic Lens Tracer, the FR-4. Part of Coburn’s new versatile and efficient Perfecto finishing system, the FR-4 Frame Tracer is perfect for small to medium sized labs looking to meet the high demands of lens finishing. Contact us today to learn more about features such as fast and adaptable tracing for all frame materials and more!

Not available for sale in the United States.


  • Fully automatic 3-dimensional tracing
  • Automatic initialization
  • Fast and adaptable tracing for all frame materials
  • Capable of reading and digitally  filtering 16,000 points of shape data to ensure maximum accuracy
  • Left-Eye, Right-Eye, or Complete  tracing modes
  • Save up to 300 frames with available barcode recognition