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Last Chance for VEW18 Specials | Coburn Technologies
Last Chance for VEW18 Specials | HRK9000 | Coburn Technologies

Increase total practice efficiency and enhance the total experience with Huvitz Auto Ref/Keratometer HRK-9000, offering the world’s first Contact Lens Fitting Guide with color camera. One of a kind, the HRK-9000 offers a Meibomian Gland Analysis function and Tear Film Break Up Time (TFBUT) measurement. Other features include Wireless Communication and full compatibility with all EMR Systems.

  • TFBUT Measurement & Meibography
  • Contrast Sensitivity & Glare Test
  • Wavefront Technology
  • Touch & Tilting 7″ Color Display
  • Wireless Communication
  • Peripheral Keratometry Measurement
  • IOL Mode
  • Iris & Pupil Diameter Measurement
  • Contact Lens Fitting Assistance Guide
  • Efficient Contact Lens Prescription
  • Micro Lens Array creates separated focal spots to provide valuable information about the patients’ ocular systems
  • More Accurate Data including KER and REF data
  • Color View Mode: Full color CCD camera & white LED source in ref/keratometer enables you to see eyes & contact lens fitting status which was previously only possible with slit lamps
  • Subjective VA Test
  • Auto Tracking
  • Adjustable TFT LCD w/ LED backlight display
  • Network connectivity
  • Auto Cutting Printer
Last Chance for VEW18 Specials | HPE-410 & HAB-8000 | Coburn Technologies

HPE-410 Lens Edger

The HPE-410’s design is fresh and modern. Its revolutionary features were designed to keep up with the eye care professionals’ finishing demands. This machine comes enhanced with a stronger wheel with longer durability and eliminates lens slippage with an adaptive lens chuck and position sensor. Contact us to learn more!

  • 8 different edging types including bevel, rimless, grooving, mini bevel, partial bevel, partial grooving, dual grooving and hybrid grooving
  • Hydrophobic mode sets all the edging options for axis-safe cutting with one click of a button
  • 6 types of edging positions including auto, manual, base curve (absolute), percent, front offset and rear offset
  • 4 types of retouch options including size, polishing, grooving and safety bevel
  • Retouch up to 6 of the latest jobs 6 single sided edges or 3 double-sided edges
  • Direct DCS (OMA) import saves time and file duplication concerns by skipping the conversion step
  • Multiple job handling and concurrent processing allows the user to manage jobs that have been paused, completed, and saved or jobs currently being processed. User is able to prepare the next edging task while the edger is in process.
  • Supports bar code reading
  • External memory capabilities for SD Cards
  • 9.7” LCD touch screen with 1024px X 768px image resolution
  • Available with tracer built-in or as a separate add-on

HAB-8000 Tracer/Blocker

A one-stop solution, combining the functions of a lens tracer, lensmeter, and auto blocker in one powerful machine. Fully automated lens centering and blocking at the push of a button. Just place the lens in position and the EXXPERT HAB-8000 auto lens tracer/blocker will do the rest. Combine with any compatible Excelon or EXXPERT edger for a complete solution customized to meet your finishing needs.

  • User friendly touch screen and graphical user interface
  • Advanced 3-Dimensional digital technology
  • Detailed edging status is displayed graphically in real-time
  • Dual side feelers for 50% faster lens reading
  • Dual CPU system supports full multitasking, editing and loading
  • Integrated drill module (XD model only)
  • Chemistrie software
Last Chance for VEW18 Specials | HLM9000 | Coburn Technologies

One of a kind, Huvitz Auto Lensmeter HLM-9000 measures the harmful effects of LED screens by utilizing the Blue Light Filtration Measurement function. Increase total practice efficiency and enhance the total experience with the HLM-9000, using Hartmann Sensor Wavefront Analysis Technology to maximize accuracy in multi-focal & high curved lenses. Other features include Wireless Communication and full compatibility with all EMR Systems.

  • Blue Light Filtration Measurement
  • Wavefront Analysis Technology of Hartmann Sensor
  • Wireless Communication
  • Multi-focal Lens Measurement
  • Improved Accuracy with Green Light Beam
  • Auto Lens Recognition
  • Contact Lens Measuring Kit
  • UV Measurement
  • 7″ Color LCD Display
  • Wide Tilting Angle
  • Intuitive Prism Direction
  • Simple GUI
  • Minimized Gap between PD Bar & Nose
  • Auto Cutting Printer
  • Extra Storage