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The ROI of In-Office Lens Finishing | Blog by Frank Giammanco | Coburn Technologies, Inc.

The ROI of In-Office Lens Finishing for Your Optical or Eye Care Practice

By Frank Giammanco As with any major investment, taking the plunge to get into in-office lens finishing can be a daunting commitment, especially for those practitioners who have only nominally ...
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Image of a technician and patient performing an eye exam with an autorefractor. Patient is having his eyes examined through the autorefractive viewfinder. Exam room is white, gray and clean. Exam table also has a digital refractor.

5 Great Reasons for Your Practice to Invest in Diagnostic Technology

By Frank Giammanco It’s a huge understatement to say that technology dominates our lives more thoroughly now than at any time within the last 20 years. From the Internet to ...
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Two Huvitz slit lamps facing opposite directions. Left side slit lamp is the HS-7000 with tower illumination. Right slit lamp is the HS-7500 with integrated illumination.

OD Review: A Combination of Great Ideas, the Huvitz Series 7000/7500 Slit Lamp

by Robert Gerowitz, OD, FIAO What happens when you combine 5X, 10X, 16X, 25X, and 40X magnification with LED illumination, built-in Wratten, Cobalt blue, Red-free, Grey, and Heat absorption filters; ...
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6 Diseases Digital Retinal Imaging Can Detect Sooner, a blog by Coburn Technologies

6 Diseases Digital Retinal Imaging Can Help Detect Sooner

What is Digital Retinal Imaging? Digital retinal imaging, or fundus photography, offers detailed views of the retina, making it easier to detect disease. Early eye disease detection helps ensure that ...
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Give Your Optical Business a Leg Up This Year – Newest Optical Innovations Have Impressive Value and ROI.

By Coburn Technologies, Inc. Staff Optical professionals spanning the globe can all agree… the year 2020 (a most fitting year for the optical industry) posed some of the biggest challenges ...
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