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Startup Checklist for the Velocity Lens Coater after inactive use of the machine.

Procedures for Starting Up Your Velocity and Simplicity Lens Coaters

The first pieces of equipment in our Startup Series are the Velocity and Simplicity lens coaters. To keep this equipment clean and ready for startup after an extended period of ...
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Reopening after extended down time? Coburn's pre-open checklists include expert-crafted advice on reopening.

Surfacing and Finishing Equipment Startup Checklist

Lens labs and practices reopened across the world after weeks, even months of closed doors. As we are all aware, we are still living through unique circumstances, and we have ...
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What You Need to Know About Slit Lamps, a blog by Coburn Technologies

What You Need to Know About Slit Lamps

What is a Slit Lamp? A slit lamp instrument is an ophthalmologist’s valued collaborator when it comes to up-close and personal views into the eyeball. The setup combines a powerful ...
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Top 3 Misconceptions Around In-House Surfacing and Finishing, a blog by Coburn Technologies

Top 3 Misconceptions Around In-House Surfacing & Finishing

Some opticians and retail shops are skeptical about in-house lens surfacing and finishing. Without having the right knowledge for how this will benefit their practice though, how can they make ...
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Digital Surfacing: The Time is Now, a blog post by Coburn Technologies.

Digital Lens Surfacing: The Time is Now

When it comes to digital technology, the future is truly present. The world has been innovating and preparing for a digital future for decades, and digital processes are now the ...
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