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Visgard UV Anti-Fog Coating with Velocity 2D | Announcement | Coburn Technologies, Inc.

Coburn Technologies Announces Anti-Fog Coating for the Velocity Lens Coater

SOUTH WINDSOR, CT – Coburn Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce that Visgard® UV Anti-Fog Coating is now available for use in their Velocity Spin Coater platform. Since Coburn’s acquisition ...
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Michael Kelly smiling at the camera with Coburn Technologies logo behind him.

Coburn Technologies Introduces Michael Kelly as Digital Marketing and Tradeshow Specialist

SOUTH WINDSOR, CT – Coburn Technologies, Inc. is pleased to welcome Michael Kelly to their marketing team as their new Digital Marketing and Trade Show Specialist. In this role, Kelly ...
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Coburn Technologies Acquired by SDC Technologies

NOVEMBER 9, 2022 - SDC Technologies, Inc. (SDC), the recognized global leader in premium, high-performance specialty coating solutions, has acquired Coburn Technologies, Inc., an established innovator in the production, service ...
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Coburn Technologies Adds Spanish and Chinese Translation to Website

In the ongoing effort to accommodate international and non-English speaking customers, Coburn Technologies has made available in Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin). Users can now select from English, Spanish and ...
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Integrity Alloy Recovery System

Coburn Technologies Introduces New Integrity Alloy Recovery System

Coburn Technologies introduces groundbreaking technology with the Integrity Alloy Recovery System, the first and only automated waterless alloy recovery system. The Integrity system avoids the hazards of traditional alloy reclaim ...
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