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Auto Refractors/Keratometers

Objective measurement of refractive error and prescriptions for glasses or contact lenses.

Designed by experts with input from doctors, our entire line of Huvitz auto refractors/keratometers are EHR ready and designed to help with more precise measurement of refractive power and corneal curvature. The various functions make your practice more efficient and improve patient comfort. The auto refractors/keratometers offered by Coburn Technologies provide affordable pricing and deliver the best features available for accuracy and ease-of-use.

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HRK-1 Auto Refractor/Keratometer | Coburn Technologies

Huvitz HRK-1

The 8th generation auto refractor/keratometer in Huvitz’s product offering, HRK-1 uses dynamic optical technology to measure aberrations of the eye. HRK-1 is built with unprecedented data accuracy, especially in higher diopter and cylinder measurement.

Huvitz HRK-9000A Auto Ref/Keratometer

Huvitz HRK-9000A

The HRK-9000A  offers the world’s first Contact Lens Fitting Guide with color camera. One of a kind, the HRK-9000 offers a Meibomian Gland Analysis function and Tear Film Break Up Time (TFBUT) measurement.

Huvitz HRK-8000A

Huvitz HRK-8000A

The Huvitz Auto Refractor HRK-8000A offers the world’s first contact lens fitting function in an auto refractor / keratometer. The HRK-8000A enables you to see fluorescein liquid with blue illumination then analyzes and simulate the lens fitting status with automatic calculation and recommendation.

Huvitz HRK-7000A

Huvitz HRK-7000A

The Huvitz Auto Refractor HRK-7000A offers a Retro-Illumination Mode for abnormal crystalline lenses, cataracts, and scratches of corneas. With increased REF power of the Huvitz Auto Refractor, you also can check Sph, Cyl, and Axis that cannot be measured in the normal mode.