OZMA Auto Ref / Keratometer CRK 9000

OZMA Auto Refractor / Keratometer CRK-9000

The OZMA CRK-9000 Auto Refractor / Keratometer offers high precision measurements using Wavefront Technology and 3D Auto Tracking. Take advantage of this high quality product at an affordable price.

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Price: $7,350
3 Year Warranty

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Auto Refractor / Keratometer Features

  • Wavefront Technology
  • 3D Auto Tracking
    The cutting edge auto sensor and 3D movement mechanism enables you to track down a measuring focus of an eye automatically and complete the measurement perfectly even with an inexperienced user
  • High Order Aberration Map
    Other than the conventional data, such as Spherical, Cylinder and Axis, the high order aberration data is displayed in a graphical Zernike refraction map for better understanding of patient’s eyes & superior clinical decision making.
  • Color View Mode
    The Full Color CCD camera and white LED light source in the auto Refractor/keratometer enable you to see eyes and contact lens fitting status which was only possible with slit lamps.
  • Motorized chin rest & Auto-cutting printer
    Motorized chin rest allows to set the height of the measuring point comfortably & quickly. Automatic paper cutting and one touch paper change functions are new advantages of CRK-9000.

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