Huvitz HLM-9000 Auto Lensmeter

Huvitz Auto Lensmeter HLM-9000

The Huvitz HLM-9000 Auto Lensmeter measures the harmful effects of LED screens by utilizing the Blue Light Filtration Measurement function. Increase total practice efficiency and patient experience with the HLM-9000, using Hartmann Sensor Wavefront Analysis Technology to maximize accuracy in multi-focal & high curved lenses. Other features include Wireless Communication and full compatibility with all EMR Systems.


  • Blue Light Filtration Measurement
  • Wavefront Analysis Technology of Hartmann Sensor
  • Wireless Communication
  • Multi-focal Lens Measurement
  • Improved Accuracy with Green Light Beam
  • Auto Lens Recognition
  • Contact Lens Measuring Kit
  • UV Measurement
  • 7″ Color LCD Display
  • Wide Tilting Angle
  • Intuitive Prism Direction
  • Simple GUI
  • Minimized Gap between PD Bar & Nose
  • Auto Cutting Printer
  • Extra Storage


Huvitz equipment distributed by Coburn