Huvitz Digital Refractor HDR-9000

HDR-9000 Digital Refractor

Upgrade your practice to digital objective and subjective refraction with the Huvitz Digital Refractor HDR-9000. Conveniently execute a complete exam with the 21 Point Exam Package. HDR-9000 conveniently displays results for easy reading for both examiners and patients.

Wireless communication feature also allows for socially distance digital refraction. This option ensures higher patient comfort and security during the eye exam. The HDR-9000 can also operate via tablet and/or PC control from varying distances.


  • Wi-Fi Wireless communication
  • 21 Point Exam Package removes complex knowledge or experience and now everyone can perform refraction easily
  • Tilt and/or swivel refractor body from 0° to 45°
  • LCD Chart Compatibility (Linear & circular polarization)
  • Fast & silent lens loading
  • Slim, curvilinear design for minimal interference and easy monitoring
  • Dual cross cylinder lens and Jackson cross cylinder lens supports highly accurate exams over astigmatism axis & visual acuity
  • Monocular height adjustment within +/- 3mm
  • Various charts and vision therapy-related contents
  • Real time guide
  • Easy explanatory images
  • Tablet PC Control (optional)
  • Built in printer


Huvitz equipment distributed by Coburn