OZMA Digital Refractor CDR 9000

OZMA Digital Refractor CDR-9000

The OZMA CDR-9000 Digital Refractor offers more precise basic and sophisticated exams with a variety of vision tests. Its luxurious design and intuitive graphic interface meets the highest requirement of aesthetic and functional comfort. Take advantage of this high quality product at an affordable price.

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Price: $8,390
3 Year Warranty

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Digital Refractor Features

  • Powerful Cross Cylinder Lens
    Offers fast and convenient examinations. Automatic occulding function accommodates the patient’s eye while the lens is rotating over 45° or test mode is changing.
  • Test Process Programming
    A maximum of 10 customized test process can be programmed and saved with the detailed setting of unit test charts conversion, auxiliary lens inserting fogging, chart masking, etc.
  • Real Time Guide
    Guides displayed on screen provide faster and easier refraction.
  • Results Displayed in Tables & Graphics
    Results are now faster and easier to understand.
  • Various Image Clips
    Color blindness test, Amsler’s Grid & many other kinds of vision charts are provided. Image clips, such as progressive lens guide and diagrams of an eye & refraction offer easier methods of explaining results to patients.

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