Huvitz Slit Lamp HS-5000/HS-5500

Huvitz HS-5000 and Huvitz HS-5500
Optical slit lamp on table top. Slit lamp with integrated illumination.

HS-5500 Slit Lamp with integrated illumination.

With the global standard Galilean converging binocular type optic system, the Huvitz HS 5000 Series of high end slit lamps/slit lamp tables offers a wider angle, live image and increased accuracy for a better and more successful diagnosis. The HS-5000 and 5500 also feature an integrated omni style joystick and trigger button for easy image and video capture.

The Huvitz Slit Lamp HS Series is offered in both the Tower Illumination type and the Integrated Illumination type models. Both types are designed in the industry standard type models used for their proven accuracy and reliability.

Optical slit lamp and computer screen side-by-side. Slit lamp has tower illumination and digital imaging displayed on computer screen.
HS-5000 Slit Lamp with tower illumination and HIS-5000U digital imaging.


  • Tower illumination or Integrated illumination
  • 12.5x eye pieces
    6x:38.5mm, 10x:22.2mm, 16x:15.2mm, 25x:10.5mm, 40x:6.1mm
  • Integrated omni style joystick and trigger button
  • Images and videos can be stored simultaneously if the slit lamp is connected to image devices such as the Huvitz HIS-5000U Camera
  • The five-position drum-style magnification changer provides a wide range of magnification from 6x to 40x
  • A yellow filter is conveniently located near the ocular for effortless insertion of the fluorescein pattern
  • Option filters include cobalt blue, red free, heat absorption, grey, and yellow


Huvitz equipment distributed by Coburn