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NIS-1700 Manual Instrument Stand

NIS-1700 Manual Instrument Stand on a blue background. Stand is white and has silver, metal accents and a black base.

The NIS-1700 provides an optimal utilization of space and comfort in a manual instrument stand.

The NIS-1700 is available individually or together with the NCH-1700 Manual Examination Chair.


  • Fully counterbalanced slit lamp arm with 10″ of vertical movement, smooth operation and locking/release mechanism at your fingertips
  • Upper phoropter arm with 10″ of vertical movement
  • Chair can be operated from the stands touch panel, raised or lowered
  • Variable overhead LED lamp – power and intensity control on stand
  • Three charging wells for handhelds with charge indicator (Charging-Well adapter may be required)
  • Third arm available
  • Dimensions: 89”H X 24”D X 24”W