Kowa Nonmyd 7 Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera

Kowa Nonmyd 7 Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera

The Nonmyd 7 is a high quality, simple to use digital retinal camera built with traditional Kowa reliability. Capture high levels of clinical detail with the sharp and clear images of the latest Nikon® digital camera. A choice of optical magnifications offers the standard 45° view or a 20° view for enhanced detail. A choice of fixation modes offers three standard positions while the optional external fixation target allows the user to choose the position on the retina. The industry standard USB interface connects to a desktop or laptop PC and the included Portable VK-2 digital imaging software lets you store, view, and compare your images with ease..

Nonmyd 7 Fundus Camera Features

  • The Nonmyd 7’s cost effective design uses intuitive ergonomic operations making photography easy.
  • Camera compatible with either desktop or notebook computer equipped with the Kowa Portable VK-2 digital imaging system.
  • Regardless of volume of photographs taken, the Nonmyd 7 and Kowa Portable VK-2 lets you store, restore, and compare data with ease.
  • Shoot and forget allows easy image storage and automatic image saving.
  • 2 Optical Angles
  • Easy alignment in two steps
  • Once aligned, simply press the button in front of the joystick to shift the fundus alignment
  • Equipped with three fixation targets