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Visual Acuity Charts

User-friendly, comprehensive visual acuity chart systems.

Integrate your digital refractor with a visual acuity chart by Coburn. Our offering includes classic halogen and LED light sourced projectors and state-of-art polarized digital LCD charts with distance adjustment functions. We also offer a classic mirror chart for those who prefer a more compact option.

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Huvitz HDC-7000 Digital Chart Software

HDC-7000 Digital Chart Software

The Huvitz HDC-7000 Digital Chart Software offers high-resolution charts and images that fit into a wide range of LCD screens including support for 17″, 19″, 20″, 23″ and 24″ LCD monitors offering operators and patients a better display option in size and design. You can program the most frequently used charts for your convenience, making it possible to call up select charts during examination at the push of a button with the integrated remote control.

Huvitz HCP-7000 Chart Projector

HCP-7000 Chart Projector

Huvitz Chart Projector HCP-7000 provides a powerful visual acuity system that supports a variety of charts. Includes 41 charts 34 masks and Red/Green & Polarization Filters. Features a semi-permanent lifetime LED light source that’s brighter and clearer than conventional bulb light.

Huvitz HDC-9000N & 9000PF Digital Chart

HCP-9000N & 9000PF Digital HD Chart

Huvitz HDC-9000N & 9000PF (with Polarized Filter) Digital HD Chart offers a variety of charts and vision test procedures to bring the most accurate prescription with a high resolution 24″ Color TFT-LCD with polarized filter panel for more precise visual acuity testing. Features a user-friendly menu structure with a comprehensive test range and selectable working distance. Easily upgradable via USB software. Wall mount included with optional desk stand or floor stand.