OZMA Visual Acuity Chart Projector CCP 9000

OZMA Chart Projector CCP-9000

The OZMA CCP 9000 Visual Acuity Chart Projector offers accuracy and efficiency when performing visual tests while utilizing the total refraction system. Take advantage of this high quality product at an affordable price.

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Price: $1,200
3 Year Warranty

*Installation fee not included. Price valid for phone and online orders only. Call 1.800.Coburn1 to order or click “Buy Now” under Learn More. Shipping is free.

Chart Projector Features

  • High Quality Charts
    Clear and fast, the CCP-9000 has a high resolution power of line to provide clean graphics and a fast chart changing speed.
  • LED Light
    Provides brighter and clearer charts than conventional light bulbs.
  • Best Networking
    Can be used with any refraction system to provide fast and efficient vision tests.
  • Wide Range of Features
    With 41 charts, such as Red/Green and polarizing filters, tests like the Binocular balance test, Stereo, Aniseikinia and Fusion tests are now conveniently performed.

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