Alloy reclaim is messy. Coburn is reimagining lens deblocking and alloy recovery. Automated, clean, efficient technology.

Traditional lens processing using alloy can be messy, hazardous, and harmful to the environment.

Coburn has reimagined the post-polishing process and alloy recovery with novel technology. Incorporating the Agility Autodeblocker and Integrity Alloy Recovery System into your automated lens processing systems will improve efficiency, safety, and environmental impact. This is possible because Agility and Integrity use technology completely without water, releasing and collecting alloy automatically in the cleanest method yet.

Shared characteristics of Agility and Integrity









Coburn's Agility Optical Lens Autodeblocking Machine

Reimagine Lens Deblocking: Agility

The Agility Autodeblocker is the first of its kind as the fastest and only waterless lens deblocking system.

Agility is ideal for high volume labs who prefer a convenient automated solution. After placement onto the conveyor belt, two lenses are picked, placed, and then deblocked simultaneously using a mechanical action. Contrary to deblocking with powerful water jets that produce contaminated water waste, Agility separates the lens from the block, without water, in one swift, mechanical action.

Agility is simple, clean and efficient. Reimage better lens processing with Agility.

Integrity Alloy Recovery System by Coburn Technologies, Inc.

Reimagine Alloy Recovery: Integrity

The Integrity Alloy Recovery System is Coburn’s latest innovation. This automated and waterless system completely reinvented the alloy reclaim process. Rather than the messy and hazardous method of melting alloy from blocks, the Integrity melts a thin layer of the alloy, eliminating splashes of molten alloy around your lab.

The Integrity can separate up to 240 blocks and alloy per hour. Blocks and alloy are collected for reuse, allowing your lab reimagine levels of efficiency.

Integrity is the most environmentally friendly option available. It avoids water waste and contamination that is created with alloy reclaim systems.

Cleaner and safer, the Integrity is the first of its kind in lens processing. Reimage your lab with more integrity.

Coburn's full automated post polishing system with the Agility, Integrity, Duality and Velocity

Reimagine Automated Post Polishing

Coburn’s new Automated Post Polishing System streamlines lens de-taping, cleaning, coating, and alloy recovery all in one conveyor-driven system. Freshly polished and blocked lenses start at the Agility Autodeblocker to release lenses from alloy, completely without water. Lenses then advance to the Duality De-Taper & Cleaner and Velocity Spin Coater, while blocks with alloy are diverted to the new Integrity Alloy Recovery System, which releases alloy from blocks, again, without water, leaving alloy pucks completely intact to be reclaimed. This system consolidates the post-polishing process and alloy recovery, functioning as a more sustainable, safe, and efficient system for higher volume labs.

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