Agility Automated Optical Lens Deblocker

Full front view of Coburn's Agility Autodeblocker.

Fully automated lens deblocking for high volume labs, deblocking over 200 lenses per hour. Cleaner, safer deblocking mechanisms that eliminate contaminated water waste. Agility deblocks in one swift mechanical motion in an in-line system. Full lens support using die rings similar to ring diameter. Agility processes two lens simultaneously and returns lenses to tray in correct orientation.

Achieve complete, seamless automation of deblocking, detaping, cleaning and coating when paired with Duality and Velocity.

Complete Automation

Blocked lenses are simultaneously transferred from the tray and arranged over the properly sized deblocking carousel station.

Custom Die Rings

After die rings rotate to their proper positions, blocks and alloy are aligned inside dies that are selected based on job specifications inputted by the operator.

Clean Alloy Separation

Mechanical deblocking cleanly separates the lens from the alloy in one swift motion while safely maintaining the integrity of the lens.

Block & Alloy Collection

Remaining blocks and alloy are picked up and returned to the conveyor to be dropped into a collection bin, or into a separate reclaim tank.

Sustained Lens Integrity

Lenses are transferred back to the lens tray in the correct orientation (with the front side facing up).

Ready for Lens Detaping & Cleaning

Lens tray with deblocked lenses are unloaded and ready to be auto-loaded into the automated Duality Lens Detaper & Cleaner. Blocks and alloy are ready for reclaim.